Purchasing Process

Purchasing locally raised, all-natural beef should be fun.  At RHF we aim to make it just that!

Three Easy Steps

Ranch House Farm is a small, family run
operation.  So, although our production is limited you deal directly with your local farmer – us!

Step 1:  SECURE YOUR HALF:  To secure your side of beef, a $150 nonrefundable deposit is made payable to Ranch House Farm LLC.

Step 2: GET YOUR WEIGHT:  On the slaughter date, we will contact you with your exact hanging weight. (Payment for beef is made to RHF.)

Step 3: PICK UP:  Stop by our friendly local abbatoir and pick up your beautiful, securely vacuum sealed, clean-healthy-local, regeneratively raised, grass-fed/finished beef products; so you and your family can enjoy the best steaks, roasts, ribs, and ground beef money can buy ! (Payment for processing is made to abbatoir for processing at pickup.)

a graphic of beef cuts

Get First Dibs!

By choosing the food from our regenerative farm, you’ll enjoy delicious, natural, and sustainable meat and poultry while supporting a better future for the environment and the animals we raise.  But don’t miss out! Sign up for notifications by clicking the button below, and get first dibs on the best beef available!