Buying Whole Or Half

We want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase of our grass fed beed. That’s why we sell our beef by the “whole” or “half” a cow. Let us explain exactly what that means.

'Whole' Or 'Half' Explained

Our typical grass-finished animal weighs around 900 lbs at slaughter. Roughly 40% of the total weight is inedible portions, including the intestines, hide, etc. That means an average beeve, after slaughter, has a “hanging weight” of 540 lbs.

Generally, meat is sold by “hanging weight,” but that’s before any trimming that happens at the butcher shop. The butcher will trim out sinew, tendons, and other parts, removing about 25% of the hanging weight (or another 135 lbs).
Typically, the yield is a little over 400 lbs of meat in a whole cow (or a little over 200 lbs per (side/half). Depending on cut choices, the hanging weight will translate into approximately 25% waste, 25% ground (burger), 25% steaks, and 25% roasts.

Or, said another way, expect to put roughly 50 lbs of burger, 50 lbs of steaks, and 50 lbs of roasts in your freezer per side.
Packed efficiently, a side of beef will require 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space; or perhaps a bit more if you wish to save the tallows, soup bones, and organ meat (for things like canned soup stock, candle making, rendering lard, etc.)

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